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Golf Links GM gears up for NYC Marathon

Golf Links GM gears up for NYC Marathon

First-time marathoner aims to raise money for nonprofit  

There is not a lot of running in golf. And if you use a golf cart, there is often not even a lot of walking. But for Bill Troyanoski, PGA Master Professional, CCM and General Manager of the Half Moon Bay Golf Links, the clubs have been staying in the bag lately while his running shoes have been logging big miles as he trains for the world’s largest and most prestigious marathon on Nov. 4.   Troyanoski and 9 others on the PGA of America team have been physically preparing for the New York City Marathon, but more importantly, they have been fundraising for the team’s charity — PGA Reach. While most think of Tiger Woods or the U.S. Open when they think of the Professional Golfers Association, the PGA has a non-profit wing that seeks to positively impact the lives of youth, military and diverse populations that one might not normally associate with the game. And this is the organization that will benefit from his team’s effort.  

The beauty, camaraderie and peacefulness of the game is a rare opportunity to slow down for a few hours, and it is the aim of PGA Reach to try to provide this valuable time to those that might not have that chance. Troyanoski is especially interested in PGA HOPE, a part of  PGA Reach which introduces the game to Veterans with disabilities. The team hopes to raise $30,000 with their effort and much of that would go to this program.   I had a chance to ask Bill about this upcoming event and how he has been preparing.  

How did you get involved in PGA Reach? Did you get recruited or did you volunteer? B.T.: Half Moon Bay Golf Links is heavily focused on assisting philanthropic organizations achieve their fundraising objectives. PGA Reach, fits into that team ethos, especially with the foundation’s focus on supporting veterans through golf. I guess you could say the opportunity is something we couldn’t resist.   

Have you done a marathon before? How did you train for it? B.T.:  I have run three half marathons, but, never a full marathon … couldn’t imagine it.  However, this is for the men, women and families that have served our country. That inspiration has kept us motivated.  My training program was discovered by a colleague at work and it began July 1st.  It was a bit of a challenge from my team – I like that.    

The NYC Marathon is the largest event of its kind in the world. How do feel about participating in such an event? B.T.: Fired up!  My mother taught me that dedication, hard work, honesty and focus are the path to achieving one’s dreams and goals. The NYC Marathon is a perfect challenge to show my honor and appreciation to my mother and to our country’s Veterans.  

You will be running with a team from PGA Reach. What are the groups’ goals? B.T.: We set out to call attention to our community footprint and raise money for the programs that support the PGA Reach effort.  My individual goal is to raise $5,000 for the foundation and touch as many people as I can on the way with our message to support our veterans.  

If people want to help, what the best way to do that?  B.T.: Our team has a CrowdRise fundraising site - our team goal is $30,000. We’d love any support!  

Troyanoski has just completed the peak of his training regimen with a 20-mile run on Sunday. We are proud of his efforts and wish him and his team the best of luck in New York City!          
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