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December artists:

12/1 – Matt Bolton

Matt Bolton is a singer/guitarist/keyboardist/percussionist-live-on-the-spot music producer/creationist musician from Marin County. He has performed with national touring bands Todd Rundgren, Jesse Colin Young, and The Grateful Deads Bill Kreutzmann and many others. Matt picks from a seemingly endless collection of covers and originals to create an unforgettable live performance in which his ingenuity in looping magically reproduces the sound, feel, and energy of a complete band with no pre-recorded tracks. Matt Bolton is a versatile performer with a multi octave range. He has the ability to cover a wide spectrum of indiscriminate hits, amazing covers, and dashes his shows with a few originals. Matt has a song book memory of hundreds of songs to choose from.

Video: http://youtu.be/QCiJSIUcQvU

 12/8 – Fred McCarty

Fred McCarty is a musician’s musician. A veteran of many musical genres, Fred’s back-ground includes composition and performance experience in Jazz, Classical, Rock, Bluegrass and Country. He’s studied Jazz with Chuck Mangione, Classical Guitar with Stanley Watson and is a graduate of the New England Conservatory of Music. He’s toured coast-to-coast, playing solo, duo, as a band member and as a frontman. 
Fred’s warm, rich vocals and expressive, fluid guitar work will provide the just-right elegant ambiance for your venue or special occasion. Fred is a masterful lyricist and guitarist. He has a hearty repertoire and has a musical knowledge of over 600 classic, pop, traditional, and Top 40 Hits. He pushes himself to learn the newest songs on the charts today, for everyone’s enjoyment. His interpretations and professional personality are what sets him apart from others.

Video: https://www.facebook.com/SongSpirit/videos/vb.1356143845/10210382561744485/?type=2&theater



12/15 – Chris Ahlman

Chris Ahlman is a San Francisco Bay Area resident who grew up with music and spent much of his childhood behind a piano and, later, a saxophone. At fifteen, he switched over to guitar and vocal work, and since 2007, has been entertaining audiences with his original music. Chris Ahlman’s “Saving the Music” is having immediate impact at itunes, Rhapsody, Tunecore and other digital aggregates. Sales are impacted by the Title Track and Video release “Saving the Music” The new CD has fourteen tracks of personal, heart felt emotion. His prominent influences are artists such as Dave Matthews, Counting Crows, Pearl Jam, John Mayer, Train, Bob Dylan, Jack Johnson and Hootie and the Blowfish.  His lyrics are positive and uplifting, his guitar work is striking, and his vocals are strong and soothing.“My music is focused towards inspiring people to think about life,” he explains, “and the world that we live in from a positive and good perspective. I believe that music is a wonderful and good part of this world which brings people together.” All Chris Ahlman wants to do is spread some positivity with his music, and he is doing that. Performing over 250 dates a year, Chris can be found up and down the West Coast and recently performing in Nashville.

Video: http://youtu.be/fSVdyvGCxYI

12/22 – Eric Eckstein

Eric Eckstein is a local bay area musician with a unique style of guitar playing. As a "finger picker" Eric is able to cover a wide range of musical styles from contemporary to classic. His repertoire includes blues and folk music, classic rock, Jazz standards as well as songs from today's contemporary artists. Originally from New York, where Eric played the Greenwich Village music scene as a front man for the band Boyzlife until moving out west Eric is also an accomplished post production engineer and was one of the founding partners of One Union Recording Studios in San Francisco Talent and technology combine to create rich layered textures that make him sound like a whole band is coming from the stage.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lDnsVLgdbU


12/29 – Jinx Jones Duo

In Jinx Jones’ impressive musical career he has visited nearly every conceivable style and genre of the electric guitar. From his work with R&B divas, En Vogue to his own acclaimed rockabilly albums, “License to Twang,” and the latest release; “Rumble & Twang,” Jones has always strived to expand the possibilities of the instrument. He accepts every musical challenge head on, always making an impressive statement with his music. The one thing that remains consistent throughout Jones’ multi-stylistic journey is the grace and finesse of his virtuoso playing. Jinx Jones has lent his guitar-playing prowess to many artists and groups during his career including Chuck Berry, Solomon Burke, Roy Buchanan, Tom Slick and others. Throughout his career Jinx regularly received enthusiastic reviews in guitar magazines and publications featuring guitarists whose players and virtuosos dive deep into the sounds of roots, rockabilly, and honky tonk.

“Jinx Jones has some exceptionally fast, clean licks and he can even pull a few of the clichéd guitar tricks out of his hat, like playing behind his head and with his teeth.” --LA Music Connection,

Video: https://vimeo.com/62410260

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